Get your event photos!

We were lucky enough to have Jodi Stevenson from Whitecaps Photography and Col Leonhardt from Windsurf Australia attend the event this year. Both photographers have captured some epic action – it is most likely that they are going to have photos of you!

Jodi is producing customized event DVDs for $50 with all of your pics, along with the highlights of the event and scenic shots – please support her and get in touch via her website here.

Col has also captured some stunning aerial images from Saturday at Woolamai, if you were lucky enough to be in the water with the chopper buzzing over your head then you will probably have some great pics of yourself! You can have a look at some of the best shots in the Windsurf Australia Facebook gallery here.

Contact details:

Jodi – Whitecaps Photography –

Col – Windsurf Australia –


Competition Summary

On Friday a few heats were run in fluky wind and solid surf at Woolamai. A few sailors stayed out after heats were cancelled and scored some great float and ride conditions.

Saturday saw an epic conclusion to the event with sunshine, cross off wind around 20 knots and waves building to mast high in the afternoon. Here are a few pics from Friday & Saturday – plenty more to come along with the full event report!

IMG_1251 IMG_1155 Woolamai_8Mar14_WCP (2) Woolamai_8Mar14_WCP (22)

Day 3 – Competition at Sandy Point

With no wind forecast at Phillip Island, the event was moved to the back up location Sandy Point. The warm temperatures, sunshine and easterly airflow provided all of the elements necessary to accelerate the cross-offshore wind. With waves anywhere between shoulder and logo high the conditions delivered for the first round of competition.

Photos thanks to Jodi at Whitecaps Photography.

We have completed the first round of Opens, Masters, Juniors and Amateur division and the results are now live here.

Check out a few teaser pics – more on the way soon.

SP_3Mar14_WCP (15) SP_3Mar14_WCP (10) SP_3Mar14_WCP (17) SP_3Mar14_WCP (20)

Daily Update – Sat, March 2

Daily update

Registrations are open today until 3pm.
Last minute registrations tomorrow 9-11am at the same address. Registrations will be closed at 11am Monday March 3rd, to allow us time to finalise the draw – for all those thinking of competing please register by sending an SMS to 0400 483 760 and include your Name & Division (Open, Junior (under 18), Masters (35 +), Womens, you can enter two if you wish). You will need to complete paper work on arrival before hitting the water.

For those who may not be able to make the next few days, the forecast is looking very good for Friday and Saturday (7th & 8th). We would strongly encourage everyone to register now so you are at least in the draw and can still compete in the Double Elimination.

Today: There is a nice groundswell building today that should offer good surf. We are having an Opening Social Night at Magic Lands Cafe & Bar (on Vista Pl, Cape Woolamai) from 7pm in the pool room. The food is good and the beers are cold. See you there!

Competition: Competition is likely to start tomorrow with a move to Sandy Point to take advantage of the easterly wind acceleration there. We are expecting 15-20 knots cross off and 3-4 foot of swell. Likely to start heats is around 2-3pm. At this stage we would like everyone to be there at 1pm to prepare. Conditions are expected to serve up something like this.

We have got plenty of great prizes lined up from our sponsors, including this Goya 4.5m Guru from Core Boardsports. This sail will be won by one lucky amateur division sailor so make sure you register to be in the running!

IMG_1812 IMG_1810

Forecast update:
Tuesday – Surfing day.
Wednesday – looks like Cat Bay could be good although swell is slightly smaller than initially expected.
Thursday – Surfing day.
Friday – this could serve up seriously good conditions at Woolamai – logo high, cross off.
Saturday – probably similar to Friday.

Event Details – Registration + Forecast + Pre-registration winners

The Phillip Island Wind & Surf Festival kicks off tomorrow!

Registration Details:

Registration will be open Saturday 1st March, 12-3pm & Sunday 10am-1pm. We will confirm when registration closes based on the forecast. Please register at the event house.

Alternatively register online using this link here

Please make sure you have current AWA membership via your relevant state body.

Event Forecast:

At this point the first day of possible competition will be Monday, with Wednesday looking very promising for nice conditions at Cat Bay.

So far the forecast is calling for S-SE Seabreeze on Saturday – there will be no official competition on Saturday but we may score a fun session at Woolamai if the wind tends more to the SE.

There is a solid long period swell arriving Saturday night that will light up all of the breaks around Phillip Island on Sunday. At this stage the wind looks fairly variable but we may get lucky with a seabreeze in the afternoon – there is the possibility that Cat Bay will be sailable but otherwise the surf will be great.

Monday – we are considering moving the competition to the back up venue of Sandy Point on Monday afternoon if the wind is not strong enough to be contestable at Phillip Island. However the forecasts are now looking more promising so we may get some nice E-SE at Woolamai and kick off the competition.

Tuesday – looks like a surfing day – offshore with fun sized swell for the beach breaks.

Wednesday – a cold front is moving in along with a new swell, this should provide S-SW wind – perfect for Cat Bay. The tides are not super favourable so competition will be early morning before the water drops, and then after lunchtime as it fills back in. Make sure you stay updated on this.

Later in the week – the long range forecast is showing a strong SE pattern on Friday – this could potentially serve up epic Woolamai – fingers crossed this develops and stay posted as the forecast develops.

Pre-registration winners!

Check out the video below to see if you won a prize from Flymount or K4 fins!